Cricut Explore Air 2: Review and Paper Tutorial

Hey there guys, I've been using a Cricut for more than a year now and I think it's time to do a review and introduction! I know a lot of my followers love my Cricut content so this is for the crafters who are contemplating purchasing the Cricut machine. It is quite the investment so making the right choice is key!

There were a few things I took into consideration when choosing the Cricut over other brands.

Ease of Use Cricut has it's own designing application called the Cricut Design Space. They have already set projects and designs that you can use so if you're wanting to make arts and crafts without designing anything, this is great. All you need to do is follow the prompts on screen and you can have fun just creating for the afternoon without having to put together something from scratch.

Product Design I'm in love with how beautiful this machine it, it's so sleek and modern. It'll be sitting in your craft room so it needs to be pretty and you can now also get it in a few different colours to match your office space. Also, all their accessories and tools are designed very well catering to the more design conscious crafters.

Materials You can use any vinyl brand you like but Cricut has little sample packs with a few different colours per pack. This is great so you don't have to commit to one colour.

If you're from Australia, you can purchase Cricut branded items from Spotlight or multiple online stores. I've listed a few stores you can check out.


Craft Online


**you currently can't buy the Cricut machine on Amazon AU.

US and Amazon US

Amazon US - Machine

Basic tool set


**above links are Amazon affiliate links. I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The Explore can cut, write and score about 100 different craft materials but be sure to check their list of what it can cut before damaging your materials. I know the Maker can cut up to 300 including some thicker materials and now has an engraving attachment.

I mainly use my machine to cut vinyl stickers to place on mugs, candles, notebooks and anything you can think of. You can watch my little YouTube tutorial right here if you want to learn more about vinyl cutting. If you're planning to create a lot of home decor and gifts, this would be the perfect machine for you.

There isn't too many paper and typography focused projects out there so this will be interesting :) For this particular project I wanted to use my "Chasing Dreams" piece and I wanted to create different layers using some colourful card stock.


Cricut Explore/Maker

Light Blue Mat (all machines have this included in the box)

Assortment of cardstock

Computer with Cricut Design Space

iPad and iPencil if you are creating your own designs


Step 1: Open Cricut Design Space

Step 2: Upload design file. With most of my designing, I have an iPad which is compatible with the iPencil and I use Procreate to draw my letters. I then transfer it over as a PNG file through Dropbox and open it in Design Space.

Step 3: Erase background from design file.

Step 4: Resize.

Step 5: Click make it and follow the prompts.


As I mentioned, I wanted to create layers in this project to make it really pop. The back layer will be used as a "shadow" which I cut on the hot pink card stock. For the foreground, I used a blue but also added some "drips" for some added detail. Load the mat with the according colour for each design.

When putting each colour card stock on the blue mat, lay it down flat and smooth it out. When lifting the cut out pieces I use a card and scrape it off slowly so I don't rip it.

I also decided to add some white stars to add to the dreamy element. I love this machine because it gives you the ability to be creative with such ease. It would have taken ages if I were to cut this all by hand using an exacto knife (which I have done in the pass).

I then had all the pieces ready for assembly.

  1. Pink shadow

  2. Blue foreground

  3. Stars

  4. Background

I put down the pink layer first slightly to the right by 1cm as you'll be putting the blue on top and you'll need that to be in the centre. Now you can place the blue piece on top and add the stars.

Technically, you could just print this piece out but I wanted the piece to have some texture and dimension.

And voila, you have a completed artwork. You can use this technique and method for a lot of different designs and it makes it special because you made it yourself.

You can also make some other really cool paper crafts like 3D flowers and cut outs. It's the perfect way to make it a little less ordinary.

Overall, if you're a scrapbooker and crafter; this is a good machine to have. You can make a bunch of handmade gifts for your loved ones or even start selling items.

If you're choosing between the Explore and Maker, I think the Explore is sufficient unless you want to cut fabrics and thin woods. I have yet to try out the Maker but I definitely plan to in the next few months.

Hope you enjoyed this little review and tutorial!

Bye for now my loves x.


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