The lovely people at Copic Headquaters were kind enough to send me a pack of their brush and calligraphy inking pens. I thought I'd go ahead and do my first review (why am I so nervous!!!?)..

The pack comes with 2 calligraphy pens and 2 brush pens. They contain black pigment ink and are waterproof which is a plus. The price is relatively average considering you're getting 4 pens.

MEDIUM BP: This pen has a medium firmness which is easier to use in my opinion. You don't have to control the pen too much and the lines still look clean. This is good for quick and raw-looking brush lettering. Great for beginners!!

SMALL BP: This one has a soft brush. To get a thin and even line width, your hand has to be very steady. With the MEDIUM BP you can letter without consciously paying attention to the pressure too much which differs to the SMALL BP as you have to concentrate with every stroke. However, the thick and thin line width variation is very nice. I'd recommend using this for modern calligraphy.

MEDIUM & SMALL CP: A pen with a square tip which is good for italics, gothic and old english to name a few. It comes in a 4mm and 2mm which is handy to have so you can work at different sizes. This is a less costly alternative to the Pilot Parallel Pen mentioned in my first blog post "Essential Tools".

To sum it up, I would recommend them to a friend! I know there are a million pens and tools to choose from and for someone just starting out, this can be daunting. This little pack is perfect if you want to test the waters and try a few different hand lettering styles conveniently in one pack.

If you've read it all the way through; firstly, thank you! Secondly, please don't hesitate to send me any feedback on my first official review right here.

Send an email to if you require more information on the product or where it can be purchased.

Bye for now my loves x.