The Essential Pens

Hey guys, what's happening?

The good old question I hear everyday (almost) is; "what pen is that?" So I thought I'd sit down and list a few of my favourite... pens.

Please note, PENS do not guarantee you nice writing. Hours of practice, understanding the pen and the lettering style makes great writing. So don't be surprised when you start and your writing looks like poop, the key is to keep at it!

When I started, I only had pencils and a ballpoint pen and I learned using only the bare minimum but nonetheless I learned so if you can't get your hands on these products, don't threat!! You can still start learning. Here we go!

1. Staedtler Mars Micro 0.07mm

Before I start any piece (unless I'm doing a free hand piece) I pencil it in. I prefer to use a mechanical pencil as opposed to a pencil because 1, I'm lazy to sharpen it every so often LOL and 2, it's good for those detailed and small intricate details. You can purchase any $1-3.00 mechanical pencil but I thought I'd be extra and get this $16.00 fancy guy.


2. Maeraki Water Brush Pen 0.1

A water brush pen is what started it all for me, the tools that sent my videos viral. I know that there are plenty of water brush pens out there on the market but if you wanna support your homegirl, it is truly, greatly appreciated. I made it into a easy and cute 3 pack with all the essential sizes. My personal favourite is the 0.1 because it's so small and I can really control the ink. I use this brush for all my watercolour projects. I use it for lettering to illustration.

3. Speedball Olique Pen Holder & Zebra G Nib

When I first started, I used a Speedball and till this day I still always go back to this holder. It only costs around $8.00aud too! I have a few fancy ones too that cost $100+ but they aren't necessary. Where the holder doesn't matter much, I did find that using a good nib is important. There are plenty of shitty nibs made by tons of art supply brands but they're just not great in my opinion. An easy to use nib for a beginner would be the Zebra G nib.


4. Uni Pin Fine Line 0.5

You'll need a good marker to do all your typography work. Sharpies are no good on regular copy paper as they tend to bleed whereas Uni Pin's don't so you can ink your typography without messing it up.


5. Pilot Parallel 6.0mm

This is a more advanced writing instrument. One that I have not yet mastered and am not close to mastering. It's a pen with a square nib for doing fonts like gothic, roman and fraktur to name a few. It's really fun to experiment with so I'd give this a go! They come in a few sizes and ranges from $18-25.00aud.

6. Artline Stix Brush Marker

This is one is used for "brush lettering". The Artline's are probably my favourite brush pen markers out of all the ones I have used including Tombow and Pentel. They're super inexpensive aswell priced at $10.00aud for a pack of 12.


Now you know some of my essential tools, get to the shops!

Love and light,