December 6, 2019

The jolly season is upon us but it's a bit hard to get festive when you live in the southern hemisphere and it's literally an average of 30 degrees (86 Fahrenheit) but we can make things a little festive with these cute tree ornaments.

I made some ornaments as a gift for someone and my mum said "how'd you make those, why didn't you make any for our tree" so here I am; taking you on this journey with me while I make some cute Christmas stocking stuffers for loved ones.

First, you're going to have to get your ornaments, you can use a round ornament or anything you like. I'm using an acrylic ornament which seems to really be the trend this Christmas. The Cricut Explore Air 2 machine is able to cut vinyl stickers for many surfaces and that's what I'll be using today.

To make the designs I drew it on my iPad with the iPencil using the Procreate app. This app can be purchased from the Apple app store for about $10.00. I think it's the most popular app for writing for calligraphers. 

I then...

November 2, 2019

Hello again, this week on Maeraki we will be doing an Cricut EasyPress 2 review.

The team at Cricut was kind enough to send me an EasyPress 2 machine and this was my first time testing it out. The EasyPress 2 is the perfect machine to accompany your Explore Air so now you can add a list of iron-on projects to your list. 

Unpackaging the EasyPress, my first thoughts are that it feels very durable and high quality. The design is simple and sleek. There are only buttons to adjust the timer and temperature which makes the machine approachable and not too daunting for beginners. 

One of the positives of Cricut was that it has it's own program. Similarly, the EasyPress will allow you to input your materials and it'll show you how to press your item with step by step instructions. Heat Guide here. Simple things like this make the experience much more easy for the user and that's what I love about Cricut, they think of all the little things! 

To test out the EasyPress 2, I've made a tote...

October 21, 2019

Hey there guys, I've been using a Cricut for more than a year now and I think it's time to do a review and introduction! I know a lot of my followers love my Cricut content so this is for the crafters who are contemplating purchasing the Cricut machine. It is quite the investment so making the right choice is key!

There were a few things I took into consideration when choosing the Cricut over other brands.

Ease of Use Cricut has it's own designing application called the Cricut Design Space. They have already set projects and designs that you can use so if you're wanting to make arts and crafts without designing anything, this is great. All you need to do is follow the prompts on screen and you can have fun just creating for the afternoon without having to put together something from scratch.

Product Design I'm in love with how beautiful this machine it, it's so sleek and modern. It'll be sitting in your craft room so it needs to be pretty and you can now also get it in a few different col...

April 12, 2018

The lovely people at Copic Headquaters were kind enough to send me a pack of their brush and calligraphy inking pens. I thought I'd go ahead and do my first review (why am I so nervous!!!?).. 

The pack comes with 2 calligraphy pens and 2 brush pens. They contain black pigment ink and are waterproof which is a plus. The price is relatively average considering you're getting 4 pens.  

MEDIUM BP: This pen has a medium firmness which is easier to use in my opinion. You don't have to control the pen too much and the lines still look clean. This is good for quick and raw-looking brush lettering. Great for beginners!!

SMALL BP: This one has a soft brush. To get a thin and even line width, your hand has to be very steady. With the MEDIUM BP you can letter without consciously paying attention to the pressure too much which differs to the SMALL BP as you have to concentrate with every stroke. However, the thick and thin line width variation is very nice. I'd recommend using this...

September 27, 2017

Hey guys, what's happening? 

The good old question I hear everyday (almost) is; "what pen is that?" So I thought I'd sit down and list a few of my favourite... pens. 

Please note, PENS do not guarantee you nice writing. Hours of practice, understanding the pen and the lettering style makes great writing. So don't be surprised when you start and your writing looks like poop, the key is to keep at it! 

When I started, I only had pencils and a ballpoint pen and I learned using only the bare minimum but nonetheless I learned so if you can't get your hands on these products, don't threat!! You can still start learning. Here we go!

1. Staedtler Mars Micro 0.07mm

Before I start any piece (unless I'm doing a free hand piece) I pencil it in. I prefer to use a mechanical pencil as opposed to a pencil because 1, I'm lazy to sharpen it every so often LOL and 2, it's good for those detailed and small intricate details. You can purchase any $1-3.00 mechanical pencil but I thought I'd be extra and ge...

July 1, 2017

I've been brewing up this project for quite a while now and I am so excited to be able to finally announce it with all you lovely people who have continued to support me. 


My very own brush pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Included in the brush pen pack is a 0.1 small brush. This one is my favourite because it's so small and can do pretty much anything from small detailed pun drawings to delicate brush lettering.

The second brush is a 0.3 medium brush which is great for larger lettering pieces and the final brush is a 10 flat brush which can be used for watercolour background washes. 

 You can see all the different outcomes of each brush.

I used 0.1 for the capital letters, 0.3 for the brush lettering and the 10 for the gradient background wash. 


Through my words or my work; I always hope you find inspiration in one way or another. Whether it be the words I choose or the art I use; I hope you find inspiration to be better and to do better. Whatever it may be, I am honored...

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